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70180 - Universal In-Tank Fuel Pump Module 230 LPH

70180 - Universal In-Tank Fuel Pump Module 230 LPH

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Our Universal In-Tank Fuel Pump Module is an inexpensive way to convert your older vehicle to a modern in-tank fuel pump for an aftermarket EFI systems. In-tank pumps are widely considered the best fuel delivery system compared to frame mounted inline fuel pumps. The in-tank pump runs cooler and is quieter and also lasts longer than external inline pumps. Most aftermarket EFI systems are available in a base kit without fuel delivery components and the Powerflow Module is the ideal addition to your EFI kit. The Professional Products In-Tank Module will work on most metal gas tanks with a depth from 7-inches to 13-inches.



  • Fits most metal fuel tanks with a depth from 7"-13"
  • Needs only 1.75" of space above top of fuel tank
  • Available with a 230 L/PH or 300 L/PH Pump
  • All stainless steel hardware to avoid corrosion


  • In-tank design submerges pump in fuel to reduce pump noise and increase fuel    pump life
  • Fuel is cooler with this pump compared to most external pumps
  • OE style fuel delivery system
  • Designed for use with aftermarket EFI systems. This In-Tank module is a far better system than an inline pump


For up to 600 HP(unblown), 490 HP(blown)
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