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Our goal has always been to specialize in creating high-quality aftermarket engine performance parts for an affordable price. We understand the importance of both performance and cost-effectiveness, so we strive to offer the best of both worlds! Our intake manifolds are designed to optimize airflow, our dampers provide precise engine control whether you're on the racetrack or using your daily vehicle, our exhaust systems enhance power + sound, and our coils deliver a strong spark for improved performance!

Harmonic Dampers

We specialize in both racing and street dampers. They both play crucial roles in ensuring optimal engine performance + longevity. Our SFI Dampers are designed to handle the extreme demands of high-performance racing applications. Our dampers are engineered to reduce vibrations, absorb shock, and maintain precise crankshaft control at high RPMs.   Our street dampers on the other hand are tailored for everyday driving conditions. They're designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride while still offering some level of performance.  Our street dampers prioritize reducing vibrations + noises, enhancing engine stability and improving overall drivability! 

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