Pro Products Harmonic Dampers

Pro Products Harmonic Dampers


Professional Products has been a leading producer of performance harmonic balancers for twenty-three years. The company manufactures two styles of balancers. The Powerforce line of street dampers are a step up from a stock balancer. Powerforce Balancers are made from nodular (ductile) iron compared to a stock damper’s gray iron, providing a substantial increase in tensile strength. Depending on various factors, gray iron can have a tensile strength as low as 20,000 PSI whereas nodular iron’s low end of the range starts at 60,000 PSI.

The Powerforce line also features a full range of timing marks compared the usual single TDC mark used on most stock dampers.

The Professional Products line of Powerforce+Plus Race balancers meet the #18-1 specifications established by SFI for strength and safety. Made of 1045 steel, they have a tensile strength ranging from 85,000 to 95,000 PSI.

The Powerforce+Plus balancers are designed in such a way that should the elastomer fail, it is impossible for the inertia ring to fly off, which can occur with a stock damper. While elastomer failure is common on very old balancers, it is an extreme rarity with any Professional Products balancer.

and the hub and inertia ring, unlike many competitive dampers, our elastomer is pressure injected in a molten state into the area between the hub and ring,

Our high quality of manufacture does not come at a premium price. On top of being one of the highest quality lines of balancers, they are also available at very affordable costs80033 - 7.5" Corvette LS1/LS2/LS6 Harmonic Damper - Professional Products

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