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30550 - 8 Coil Set for Ford 1998-2014 2V

30550 - 8 Coil Set for Ford 1998-2014 2V

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8 Coil Set for Ford 1966-'14 2V
Professional Products now offers a line of extreme high performance coils. The relatively new multi-coil arrangements offer a big advantage over the old single coil designs. Multiple coil sets on V8 engines only fire 1/8th as many times as a single coil. This extra time between firings allows the coil more time to regenerate itself producing a hotter spark. The advantage that the Professional Products Coils have over competitive models as well as stock coils is the actual duration of the spark produced is longer with the Powerfire Coils. Longer spark duration, even though measured in microseconds, produces more complete combustion and more power.

<p>@ 14 Volts<br />
Turns Ratio 80:1<br />
Primary Resistance .5 ohms<br />
Sec. Resistance 5.95K ohms<br />
Inductance 1.5 mH<br />
Spark duration (mS) 1700 us<br />
Energy (mJ) 38 mj<br />
Max Voltage 30 KV</p>
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