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80011- 6.8 4.6L 2V & 4V Ford Modular V8

80011- 6.8 4.6L 2V & 4V Ford Modular V8

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ford modular 4.6 v8 (2V & 4V)

6.8” diameter

nodular iron 


These dampers are the dimensional duplicate of the O.E. damper used on the 2V engine. If used on a 4V engine, the accessories (alternator, A/C, etc) will rotate 3% slower than stock. Normally this is not a significant amount. This is due to a slightly different diameter of the damper. This damper does not have timing marks on it but does have a notch in the back rim of the damper indicating TDC. These dampers represent the most affordable high quality dampers available for this increasingly popular engine.

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