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6.8" 4.6L Ford Modular V8 (2 Cam & 4 Cam) Race Damper

6.8" 4.6L Ford Modular V8 (2 Cam & 4 Cam) Race Damper

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Ford V8 4.6L Modular 2 Cam and 4 Cam Damper. These dampers are the dimensional duplicate of the O.E. damper used on the 2V engine. If used on a 4V engine, the accessories (alternator, A/C, etc) will rotate 3% slower than stock. Normally this is not a significant amount. This is due to a slightly different diameter of the damper. These dampers do not have timing marks on them but do have a notch in the back rim of the damper indicating TDC. These two dampers represent the most affordable high quality dampers available for this increasingly popular engine. See other areas of this site for additional products we offer for the 4.6L 2V engine which includes a terrific intake manifold, an upper plenum, and several extremely affordable high performance throttle bodies.

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